Orphans” is a project that wants to tell the world of children without parents, of all minors who for some reason have been abandoned, have lost their family or have been kicked out. There are thousands of children still living in orphanages in 2023. This photographic work is a great journey in search of children alone in the world, with the aim of telling their stories and making a hidden universe visible. I have been to orphanages in Zambia and Argentina where very difficult realities exist. In the orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia, “Home of Happiness” for children with disabilities, founded five years ago, no journalist or photographer had ever been. A human dimension of great suffering. For two weeks I was in contact with these children every day with great physical and mental problems due to their condition. In Argentina, in Buenos Aires, I went twice to talk about various orphanages, including one located in Lomas de Zamora where more than 20 orphans live in alarming hygienic conditions. Many of these children have suffered physical violence. Girls raped and boys beaten, some of them bear marks on their bodies. I have always thought that photojournalism should not only follow the news but tell and delve into hidden realities about which little is known.